1. What are cookies?

Cookies are all the information that a visited website stores in the browser of your device and later retrieves to provide continuity between individual website visits. This information includes web cookies, local storage, session storage, and other techniques used by providers of web solutions to identify users and establish the continuity of visits.

2. Why do we need them?

Cookies are essential to provide user-friendly web services. Trustworthy websites enhance the user experience with the help of cookies. Cookies allow the browser to maintain your possible login or remember your settings, etc., ensuring smooth use of the website.

We also use cookies for our own analytics (e.g., the number of visits, page navigation). In addition, we use cookies for personalized content advertising.

3. Which cookies do we use?

Cookie Name Server Operator Cookie Purpose Expiration
gdpr_cookie Brusnica User cookie settings. until deleted
brusnica_session Brusnica Necessary for the website to function. session expiry
XSRF-TOKEN Brusnica Security cookie. session expiry

3.1 Required Cookies

Required cookies make the website functional by enabling basic features such as page navigation, access to secure areas of the website, language selection, fonts, and the like. The website does not function properly without these cookies, and they cannot be turned off.

3.2 Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies allow tracking website visits to enable the website operator to further improve the website or its content. If you disable these cookies, the website will function normally, but we, as the site provider, will be deprived of information to help us improve our site's performance and, consequently, your user experience with us.

We are not currently using analytical cookies.

3.3 Advertising Cookies

These cookies enable the display of personalized or relevant offers of services and products based on your visits to the website, even on other websites and social networks.

We are not currently using advertising cookies.

(1) Data collected with this cookie are processed by a provider originating from the USA and must be handed over to U.S. intelligence agencies upon their request.

(2) The cookie provider's policy can be found at:

4. Cookie Control

You can change your cookie settings at any time:

Strictly necessary cookies Always set
Third-party functional cookies
Cookies for our own web analytics
Third-party advertising cookies

5. Policy Validity

The policy on the use of web cookies is effective from the date of publication.

Date of publication or last update: 25.10.2023