Park Residence

Park Residence

Where Green Living Meets Urban Comfort

Park Residence


Kavčičeva ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Approximately 700 apartments


in the process of developing the detailed municipal spatial plan

Discover Park Residence

Exciting times lie ahead for Project Park Residence, featuring 700 apartments. Brusnica team is dedicated to creating an exceptional living space through careful planning and preparation of the detailed spatial plan. This process is vital to ensuring the utmost quality and sustainability.

Explore central park

As a unique highlight, a central park will be seamlessly integrated, stretching from Kavčič Street to Ikea, and connecting with another residential project by BTC on the opposite side. The park will serve as an added value, providing a serene green space that harmoniously blends with modern urban living.
Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, and we have already initiated fruitful discussions with our partners to establish a shared vision for the park. By working together, we aim to bring the city's vision to life, enhancing the overall living experience for our future residents.

Close to the city center

Looking forward, we are confident that this part of the city will undergo a remarkable transformation over the coming years, becoming an appealing destination for new residents, all while offering the convenience of proximity to the city center. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards sustainable living and a brighter future.

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